Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday #4 - of Tv and Haircuts

Ahh, it's time once again to breathe a therapeutic sigh of relief as I carefully do not admit to any of the goings-on of the past week. As always, you can see what other folks are not doing at MckMamma's blog here!

I did not allow my kiddies to spend more than the usual hour watching TV last week. I did not plop them in front of the entertaining box for several episodes of colorful preschool goodness. And obviously, I would never have subjected my six-month-old to such mind-numbing activity. Nope, not me. Why would I need that extra time to get stuff done? And don't you know that when you're busy working around the house, the children will just play quietly at your feet? No need for edutainment here!
(excuse me for just a moment while I laugh and laugh and laugh about the "playing quietly at your feet" comment! Whew! Ok, ready to move on...)

This past weekend I did not cut off my daughter's beautiful golden hair. I did not yield to her pleas to have short hair please Mommy even though I thought it looked better longer. I did not have dreams of no longer having hair battles in the morning. And of course I did not think she looked as cute as a button when the whole process was . . .er, not finished. And absolutely I did not sit her in front of that entertainment box again while I was doing it. Oh no, not me!

This mommy did not dress her boys in matching clothes for church yesterday. She did not do so, hoping that they would not develop a complex from their mommy who seems to have a need for matching their clothes. She also did not make them sit and smile endlessly in various poses, only to choose a photo in which Michael was staring wide-eyed at the camera. Oh no, not her! She certainly didn't use any bribes containing sugar for the photo shoot or lecture number one son about the pitfalls of dripping his yogurt down his new shirt. (don't look, people, the photos were taken before the yogurt dripping episode).
And finally, I did not spend an entire day creating fabulous kitty paintings in which each cat wore sunglasses. Oh my, that would have been a frivolous use of my time and not beneficial to the poor neglected children either! I did not then post them in my etsy shop and then shamelessly use this post to promote The Framed Frog's newest items. Nor did I dance a jig and scream excitedly just because I made my first sale this past weekend...

So what have you been not doing this past week? Don't be afraid to (not) admit it - it's good for the soul! :)


  1. Oh, I think Gabi's new haircut looks adorable!! :-) And, don't worry, I'm sure my kiddo had a little too much TV this past week, too. Or, at least, that's where I'm blaming some of his new and colorful (not cuss words, just weird sayings) vocabulary.

  2. I don't care what anyone says TV is not all bad. Sometimes you just need some piece and quiet. Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw - it took a lot in me to actually taste the milk and really not so bad. Have a great day!

  3. Oh dear, I'm dreading the day my Princess wants her hair cut short.

    Congratulations on your first sale! :)

  4. I love their matching shirts and the looks on their faces in that picture ~ don't worry my mom used to dress me and my two sisters in matching outfits (handmade ones no less) all the time and we seemed to get over it.

  5. YAY for you making your first sale! That is SO exciting! :D We've been having tv battles all winter long. I feel your pain.

  6. Congratulations on your sale. Don't we etsy sellers get ridiculously happy over a sale?


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