Thursday, March 12, 2009

Encounters With Veggies, Daisies, and Dinosaurs

The photo below shows just what sort of aliens have invaded our house.  No, there was no subtle approach.  They are here, and they have come in the masses! (much to the chagrin of the kiddies!)
It is with some shame that I admit that these visitors have not been to our house on a regular basis.  It's not that I don't love them or appreciate their nutritious value.  However, the man of the house, due to ridiculous pickyness, has up to this point been able to stave off these invaders.  No more!  I welcomed them so warmly that we have been enjoying their company at EVERY meal.  Okay, so maybe only the Mikester and I are the ones enjoying them!
The other kiddies are resisting these delectable goodies, most notably the carrots and the broccoli.  I have been quite firm in enforcement of the "at least try one of each veggie on your plate" rule; so while this is indeed happening, mealtimes have not been as pleasant as usual.  (I suppose it doesn't help that my man is choking them down as well)  Does any pitying soul out there have some tips for helping your kiddies to like veggies more?  I know a certain recent trend is to "hide" them in various recipes such as pancakes and spaghetti sauce, and while I am not opposed to that, I want my children to appreciate veggies as they really are.  My Mother-in-law always hid the veggies for my husband while he was growing up, and he is the pickiest man I know.  (well, except for this one guy I know that doesn't like pizza!)
Today starts the second round of giveaways at A Blog of Goodies.  My daisy wall hook is being featured - so if you want a chance to win it, go here and check it out!  Karen at  A Blog of Goodies is constantly reviewing products and having great giveaways - I check it often to see what delicious things I can win! :)

And finally, I thought you would all like to see the shirt my man got me for my work-out times.  Love it!  He got himself a matching one:  perhaps this will stave off the next McFlurry craving.  (Nothing like watching The Biggest Loser while you are eating a McFlurry!)


  1. Our big key around here to get Jake to eat his veggies is to either hide it or cover it in cheese. :-)

  2. Well all I can offer in the way of vegetable advice is my empathy. I, too, have a husband who's squeamish on vegetables, which leads to children who are squeamish on vegetables. I guess I'd say, keep trying. Try them raw, try new recipes, and try growing your own because sometimes kids will eat something they've helped grow in the garden. But mostly, I offer empathy ;)

  3. I love the tshirt. Good luck with the veggies. Veggies seem to be counter cultural. I predict you will have better luck promoting the McFlurries.


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