Thursday, March 26, 2009

100...100...100...people come on!

Well, here I am, all ready to bless some readers with some incredible little goodies and treats, and I cannot. Not because I do not have the lovely little items, but because I do not have one hundred comments on my hundredth post! There are not even fifty comments yet! This is indeed a sad state of affairs! I certainly hope you all pull through and give me those one hundred comments, or nobody will get these wonderful things just waiting for a good home.
I even wrote this post using only one hundred words to inspire you all today!


  1. Stopped by, and good luck on the count

  2. Oh, YAY, Jeanette!!! Happy 100 to you!!!

  3. LOL I think I posted on there 4 times...can I do more?! :D

  4. I saw your comment on Chatting With the Sky about your kitchen cabinets. I am a professional faux finisher if you need any advice on how to go about painting them. Check out my blog or email if you'd like.

    PS I too am praying for sweet Baby Stellan!

    Bless you, Jennifer


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