Monday, February 02, 2009

Just Another Chaotic Monday. . .

I feel as if I've run up and down the stairs of my home today one hundred times already, and it's not even lunchtime!  It's just one of those days. . .

. . . In which, before I began my workout this morning, I weighed myself and discovered that I lost 5 pounds in the past week!  Woo hoo! - That was especially nice to see after having two weeks of some. . . ahem. . . weight gain.  My man and I started a "Biggest Loser" contest to see who can lose the highest percentage of body fat by the end of twelve weeks.  The prize?  $100 to spend however the winner pleases!  That money is mine! :)

. . . In which, I tallied the results of my giveaway at my craft blog The Scrappy Frog.  Go check out who won and please email me if you are interested in purchasing customized artwork for your child's bedroom.  (  

. . . In which, the following activities must take place at some point:  an estimated three loads of laundry, dishwashing from the Super Bowl party yesterday, more craft room organizing, the cleaning of three bathrooms, and the packaging of items sold on Ebay.   (to get me motivated, I read Life of Mom's post on making housework fun!  Not entirely sure it worked!)

. . . In which, I am proud to announce that the Mikester has his first tooth!  The sharp little bugger popped through yesterday and we have a happy baby once more!  Here's a weird tooth fact from the Frogster family for you:  Each of our babies has cut their first tooth on a holiday - Gabi at ten months old on Thanksgiving Day, David at six months old on Halloween, and now Michael at five months old on Super Bowl Sunday.  

. . . In which, I am still blogging when I need to be doing all this stuff!  

So happy Groundhog Day everyone (love that movie!)!

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  1. Wow, I like the motivation for the weight loss. And losing 5lbs is awesome!

    So Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday is it? lol


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