Friday, January 30, 2009


Some have said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their handwriting.  I am not so sure about that, for when I look at my own handwriting, I read "organized", "neat", "anal-retentive", and "by-the-book."  And for those of you that know me well, I am none of those things!  However, certain evil college professors had the brilliant idea of making us elementary education majors practice our cursive writing (on a chalkboard, no less!) for two hours every week.  And thus I have pretty perfect penmanship (egotistical, isn't it!), and no matter how hard I try, I cannot write sloppily.  It is ingrained forever in my brain.  I have tried the "dot my i's with hearts" technique or "imitate my husband's ridiculously horrible writing" technique, but I always end up reverting to the penmanship pounded into me by my teachers.  I do agree that nice handwriting is a dying art!
Inspired by Nikki, Angela is hosting a handwriting carnival, if you will.  Since we usually get to know our bloggy friends through their typing skills (or lack thereof), this is a chance to see everyone's unique handwriting.  And so I present my entry:

I attempted to write bigger, but hopefully you all can still read it.  Of course you can - it's great penmanship! :)  Good handwriting is still a valuable habit - stop groaning, all you former students of mine!  (By the way, The A Beka curriculum teaches cursive to kindergardeners first before printing!)

And speaking of habits, I have also heard it said that it takes 28 days to form a habit or break a habit.  Today is the 28th day I have not had ANY soda (pop, whatever!)  My major vice has been two or three Pepsi's a day, and I am pleased to say I have not had a Pepsi since the first of the year and do not desire one either.  Perhaps that's why the pounds are dropping off a little bit faster this time around. . . 


  1. Wow you really, really do have perfect penmanship! It's quite beautiful. Did you see my sister's entry? Very similar.

    Funny that you mentioned A Beka -- as that was the curriculum I was in for most of my schooling. I went to a private school for kindergarten (where I did indeed learn a little bit of cursive) and then I went to a public school for 1st-3rd grade (where they taught only print). I actually got in trouble once for writing my name in cursive! Can you believe that?

    Thanks for participating! :)

  2. Jeanette this reminded me of all the chalkboard writing--hehe. I actually forgot about that--not sure how. I am the same way about my penmanship and it is so hard to not write cursive after it was pounded in our brains :)

  3. Very nice. Now let's see your hubby's horrible writing,lol. My husband's favorite way is to write with all capitals! I'm not sure where he got that from.

    Congratulations on breaking the soda habit. Honestly, it all tastes funny to me after rarely drinking it. However, I do have a diet coke (in a goblet no less) whenever I visit Mrs.Darling's house; she got me started on that, and I think I'd have to break her as a habit to change it;)

  4. I found your blog from Bringing Creativity. (Angela's my sister.) Did you go to PCC for college? Your ingrained penmanship is just like mine and I learned it from A Beka, too. :o)


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