Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines' Day to My Man

I cannot promise this is not going to be a sappy post.  After all, it is in honor of my man, whom I adore and cherish beyond words.  So much of my blogging centers around my kiddies, and I tend to overlook the wonderful guy that God has given me.
Here we are when Chris proposed to me at the Yankee Candle Factory in Massachusetts in 2003:
I can't get over how young we look!  And how ridiculous I am to not be showing off my beautiful new ring in the picture! :)  
If you would have told me ten years ago (that's when we first met) that Chris and I would be spending the rest of our lives together, I would have been skeptical.  Little did I know how many blessings God had in store for me when He brought us together!

C - comfortable - Chris has a knack at making me feel comfortable even in the most awkward of situations.  
H - humor - This guy has the funniest jokes (even if they make me groan sometimes!)  No one can make me laugh the way he does!
R - rock - Besides Jesus, Chris is my rock and my resting place.  He is strong and steady when I am weak and faltering.
I - ingenius - The man is brilliant!  Not only does he conquer computers on a regular basis, but he also is a whiz at solving problems around the house.
S - spiritual  - Always keeping me on track and helping me be the best I can be for Christ, he demonstrates strong faith and commitment in his walk with God.

And here we are on New Year's Eve.  My, how time and three children have taken their toll on us! :)

And I love him more than ever!  Happy Valentines' Day, Babe!  

Love always and forever, Jeanette


  1. Awww, how sweet. Were you at the Banquet last night? I dont recall seeing you but there were so many people there I may have missed ya. Take care of that man. Im sure you know what a prize you have!

  2. Wonderful post, Jeannette! I hope you have a wonderful day with your man! :)

  3. Very sweet. You two do look so very young in that first pic; which is funny because I still think you look young now... must be that I'm comparing you to us old people,lol.

    Time and babies does take a toll on us. Which makes a committed relationship all the sweeter. It's nice to be loved regardless of the outside.

  4. Darling! I like the after picture even more than the before one! You both seem so happy. Your testimony for Jesus shines through your eyes as well as your words. blessing! Those kids! I want to eat them up. They remind me of mine when mine were babies. (All plumped up and breastfed, no doubt!)


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