Friday, January 16, 2009

too much craftiness!

I've been in the midst of so many arts and crafts projects lately.  There are an abundance of them to post about, and so I decided to start a new blog devoted to just arts and crafty things.  

So if you want to check out my latest creations or attempts at creative stuff, go to The Scrappy Frog.  I've got a button on my sidebar, or just click here.

In other news, the Mikester has a severe earache with high fevers and lots of crankiness.  Thankfully the nurse was able to get me in today so that I could get the poor guy started on his antibiotics.  I myself am battling a head cold; we are just having a fabulous day!

anyone want to come over and make me dinner?  My man is working tonight so it's just sick old me and the kiddies...


  1. Oh my I am so sick its not even funny. Im on the couch with a cold that is kickin me every which way. I have no idea what I would do right now with three little ones!

  2. So sorry to hear you and the little guy aren't feeling well. I hope you both feel better quickly.


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