Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ever wonder what three-year-0lds are thinking about?
Maybe this conversation will give you a clue:

Gabi:  Momma, why do you have glasses?

Momma:  Because they help me see better, sweetie.

Gabi:  So do you always NEED your glasses?

Momma: (starts to murmur mmmhmmm, then starts having a sneaking suspicion that the three-year-old is about to try to take her glasses)  Well, they really help me see better but I could take them off if I wanted. (translation: Lies!  I can't see a foot without my glasses!)

Gabi:  OH.  Well, you can keep them then I guess. (thank you so much!)

Gabi:  Momma, did you have glasses before?

Momma:  Before what?  Oh, do you mean when I was a little girl?

Gabi:  No, I meant when you were a boy.

(Don't be too shocked if you see our family on Dr. Phil one of these days!)

and just the other day she told me that my hair looked "rectangly."  How sweet!


  1. LMBO! These are the things that happen at my house, too. Zeke has told me, very lovingly & enthusiatically, that my hair is "SOOO THIN!" HA!

  2. Oh thats funny. Theres nothing like kids to keep on humble!

  3. Where DO they come up with these ideas? LoL

  4. hahahaha!! I always wondered when she would figure out your secret! :0

    I'm gonna remember that "rectangly" comment to use on someone -- and then insist it's a compliment.

  5. Too cute! I love hearing how their little minds think!


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