Monday, January 05, 2009

Through Christ

Each new year our pastor comes up with a theme for that year and several goals for the church to meet (and hopefully exceed!) during the year.  Last year, our theme was "Get Connected'"; and it focused on not only getting new families into the church but also getting everyone involved in some sort of ministry at the church.  The morning service yesterday was the "big reveal" for the new theme and for Pastor's vision for the year.  It was exciting to see how God had worked through our church the previous year, with over 3,000 salvations and 80 new families added to the church!
Grand View Baptist Church's new theme this year is "I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST which strengtheneth me."  The words "through Christ"  were emphasized and got me thinking about my goals for the coming year.
Anything is achievable - through Christ!  Nothing is impossible - through Christ!  Good intentions can become reality - through Christ!

So here are my 2009 goals that I am going to accomplish THROUGH CHRIST:

1)  TO as always be more faithful in my personal devotional time and not give up when I start sliding
2)  TO "let it go" when things start stressing me out and leave it to God

1)  TO be healthier overall, destroying one bad habit at a time (first one is kicking the Pepsi habit to the curb!)
2)  TO be more self-disciplined in the cleaning and organization of my home (making headway on that thing we call a garage already!)
3)  TO learn to be a more patient and calm mother (to be the best mom I can be!)
4)  TO make my hubby feel like a king and not forget him in the craziness of rearing three little ones!

1)  TO have our family devotion time more frequently
2)  TO make the time to do family things together
3)  TO spend more time with each of my children:
     A.  With Gabi, teaching her to read and having her help out more in the kitchen
     B.  With David, teaching him his letters and numbers 
     C.  With Mike, making sure he doesn't get lost in the shuffle and working on his baby "signs"

1)  TO sell the things we don't need in order to make headway on our debt
2)  TO continue to stick to the budget each month and communicate regularly with hubby about the state of our finances

SO, that's about it.  It's a lot to swallow - but that's why they are called goals, something to working for and striving towards, not something to be achieved in one day!  The world sets New Year's resolutions each year and then quits sometime in the middle of February because they are relying on their own strength and ability to achieve their goals.  I choose to seek Christ first and daily so that these goals might be attained through Him.  

Speaking of which, I have a lot on my plate today;  I had better make another cup of coffee and get busy! (that's right people - I am quitting Pepsi but not giving up on coffee! )


  1. So as a mother with three young children how do you get in your quiet time and what do you use; the Bible only, devotional books, if so which ones? Have you ever tried that devotional book in the church library? I think its called One a day or something. I have found that works the best for me to stick with a Bible Reading plan. Do you try to read the bible through or do you study by subject? Okay it looks like I have just given you a complete fodder for an entire post! LOL

  2. Great goals J! I'm working on some of the same ones myself.

    I admit that I selfishly wish Pastor had given his plan Sunday night so I could have heard it. Hubby didn't hear it either (his Sunday to preach in Junior church) so we are a little out of the loop. The calendar had some new things on it that I'm looking forward to though. Guess I better order the tape:)

  3. maybe I will have to post about that sometime Mrs. D!


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