Friday, January 02, 2009

I Dare You Not to Smile!

2009 has already been full of smiles and love and laughter for me.  Here's just a few reasons why:
1)  Michael here is absolutely loving being entertained by Gabi.  He just adores his big sister!
2)  Next smile contender is Gabi, who thoughtfully proclaims: "Mommy, you can see all the way up my nose!"
3)  Not to be outdone, Mikey offers up one of his "whole body" smiles.  It's pretty contagious!
4)  David gets down and dirty to win "Best Smile" overall.  I'm wondering how much chocolate actually made it into his mouth...
5)  "Sure I'll watch the baby for a while."  I guess there's no harm in Daddy getting in a little extra Wii time while babysitting. :)
6)  And if you still aren't smiling, watch this video of the Davester discovering that his cousin has a bunk bed with a sliding board.  Positively giggle-inducing!
(I'm bookmarking this post so that when my kiddies start driving me absolutely nuts, I can refer to it and remember their cute moments too!)


  1. Oh, that did make me smile, Jeanette! I love the video! Our friends have a similar bed & my boys are ALWAYS up & down that thing like nuts. LOL So cute

  2. Great pictures and video Jeanette:) I didn't know blogger had a video format, or maybe just missed it.

    My daily reminder is my song that plays on my blog (let them be little). The music isn't exactly what I prefer, but it melts me every time I hear it.


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