Monday, December 29, 2008

Tackle-It Tuesday

I haven't participated in Tackle-It Tuesday for a while, so here are two super simple craft projects I recently completed for Christmas gifts.

The first is a set of ornaments that you can make from burnt-out bulbs from a large strand of Christmas lights.  (or you can buy a set of four replacement bulbs for 60 cents like I did!)  I took the bulbs and laid them flat in an empty egg carton. I used gold glitter glue to paint the letters N O E L on them as well as tiny snowflakes on the bottom.  After the glue dried, I turned the bulbs so that they were standing upright in the egg carton.  I then applied more gold glitter glue to the base of the bulb.  (Be careful not to put too much on or it will run down the side of the bulb.) After they were completely dry, I used gold wire to wrap around the base of each bulb for a hanger. (the picture was taken before the hangers were added)  And viola ... four sparkly ornaments for your tree!
My father-in-law wanted framed up-to-date photos of the grandkids for his office; so that's what inspired this next project.  I purchased the three-photo brown plastic frame at Dollar Tree and chose scrapbook paper from my stash to match.  I carefully cut and glued the paper inside the frame.  (in this case, I used a gingham print, which is a little harder than most prints to match up!)  I then used some three-dimensional antiqued stickers that read "joy", "sweetness", and "delight" and applied them beneath each photo.  For uniformity, I snapped each kid's photo in front of a white backround.  Simple enough and greatly appreciated!
I'm looking forward to exploring other blogs for their Tackle-It Tuesday inspiration.  Find them here.  


  1. Okay so the lightbulb ornamanet is too much detailed work for me. LOl
    But those photos, ingenius! I have some of those three dimensional sticker thingys that say family, home and I forget what all else. I never thought of using them like that. Now this a craft I can relate too!

  2. Cute tackles! I love the photo frame especially.

  3. Aww...those look great! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!

  4. I love these ideas! Excellent tackling of Tuesday! Happy New Year!


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