Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Food for Thought

Mmmmm....just finished another delicious meal and am wishing the dishes would do themselves.  Tonight was spaghetti and meatballs night, which meant Gabi got to help out in the kitchen.  It's a hard thing to have an almost-three year old help you make dinner, which I am sure many of you already know.  Many times I would just rather do it myself so that it gets done "right" and more quickly.  But I have a wonderful cook for a mom, and I regret that I never really learned much cooking from her.  I have vowed that that will not happen with Gabi and me, and so I have been teaching her my recipes.  Spaghetti is a great one for her to help because she can make the sauce and form the meatballs.  It was a little frustrating when I had to keep reminding her not to put her hands in her mouth after touching raw meat and raw egg.  But I know that it is worth it and one day she will be slaving away in the kitchen for us. (I'm dreaming, I know!)  
It got me to thinking - I should probably start writing down some of my recipes for her and the boys.  Most things that I regularly cook do not follow a particular recipe. I'd really have to focus on measurements and such to write them down.
Speaking of food, we went grocery shopping on Saturday night and spent $62.00 for the month's worth of groceries. (this does not include milk or any special items for holiday baking.)  I am pretty impressed with ourselves! :)  We are working through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover to get all our debt paid off and to stay debt-free.  So we have been cutting groceries (and everything else!) to the bare minimum.  To me, it's actually like a game - how little can I spend at this store? or how many days can I go without spending any extra money?  And now we're finally facing our debt honestly and acknowledging that we don't HAVE money to spend on things until we pay the people that we owe.
Okay, I am totally ready for some ice cream and chocolate syrup.....

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  1. Oh my word! We spend 500 a month on food! Well on the other hand I guess we look like it too. Bwahahahaha!


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