Friday, November 21, 2008

let them eat cake!

So, the other day I was asked to make a couple of birthday cakes for some people in my music group.  I have been teaching myself over the past year to decorate cakes and jump at any opportunity to practice my skills and "increase my portfolio."  Someday, when the kiddies are a wee bit older, I hope to put these skills to financial gain.
Anyway, i was looking over photos of past cakes I had done to see what else I could do and I realized that in this past year I have done a lot of baby shower cakes!  I think I enjoy making baby shower cakes most of all because there are so many cute themes you can do.  So, at the risk of showing off, here are some of the baby shower cakes I have made this past year.  I almost always make cupcakes to coordinate with the cake so that there will be plenty of cake to go around.
Nothing like edible art - love making it and love eating it! :)


  1. They are so pretty! Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Do you know that my family had its own bakery for 30 years? We were the largest domestic bakery in the Pacific Northwest. We did cakes, catering and flowers. I too now dabble in cake decorating. My nemisis is writing! I cannot write with frosting if my life depended on it. Your cakes are lovely! Do you know that michaels offers classes? Im thinking of taking one so I can learn the new fangled stuff; such as, working with fondant and the clay they have now.

  3. hey sister, I am visiting your blog. And you already know I LOVE all your cakes. :) I want one for me! xoxoxo


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