Monday, January 21, 2013

Donuts, Leg Warmers, Shoes, and Scrambled Eggs

I uploaded yet another ridiculous number of photos from my phone to my computer tonight.  I am always amazed at what I think is picture -worthy.  I'm afraid I've become one of those people who photographs what they are eating.  I have no idea why - did it just look pretty on the plate? did I want to show off that yes indeed I ate a salad for lunch like a good girl? did it taste so incredibly good that I just wanted to share my excitement for all social networks to see?

Anyway.  I did find a few photos that show a little of what goes on around here besides homeschooling and freaking out and getting everyone all fired up because you post about your vulnerable, spiritual side.  So, I present, in random order, stuff that goes down at the Temporary Insanity household.  Some food photos have been included, but I made sure they were the ones accompanied by cute kids.

1.  We have a membership to the Portland Children's Museum and have been going often in the last few months.  They have a very realistic pet hospital in which to play.  The Drama Queen, who dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday, is hard to pull away from this spot in the museum.  (And I think she totally should be a vet someday - how cute is that lab coat on her?)

2.  I bought Little Sprout some new leg warmers on clearance the other day.  Baby pink with white polka dots.  I relished in these ridiculously cute baby legs all day.  We cranked up the disco music and danced!

3.  I may, perhaps, have been enjoying my new donut machine (a Christmas present!) a little too frequently lately.  Surprising the kids on Saturday mornings with homemade, no-artificial-ingredients donuts has been fun!  Last week, the Beast asked me if I would make donuts for dinner.  "Why not," I thought, "I make pancakes and eggs for dinner all the time, and donuts are kind of like pancakes.  Right?"  So I made these super yummy sweet potato donuts (recipe here although I did not make the maple glaze) and served them up with sunny-side up eggs.  Mom of the year.

4.  I like shoes.  A lot.  I do not like spending a lot of money on shoes.  Sometimes I can't help myself.  This month alone, I have purchased three new pairs of shoes.  All crazy heels of course, which are so logical for a stay-at-home mom of four.  Still.  Aren't those the cutest little bow-wrapped heels?

5.  David.  Star Wars happiness.  The end.

6.  Her grandparents got her a cookbook for Christmas, and since then, the Drama Queen has been begging to help out in the kitchen.  One Sunday morning, she made breakfast (mostly) by herself.  Everyone loved the scrambled eggs in toast bowls.  That girl could be a chef.  Oh wait.  A vet or a chef?  Either way, the girl is going to turn out awesome.

I'm sitting here smiling at the silly little memories created in each of these photos and looking forward to what moments creep their way into my instagram feed this week.   

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  1. You rock those heels! Who said heels don't go with yoga pants?!


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