Monday, May 21, 2012

From Jeans to Fabric-Edged Shorts - A Tutorial

Although the weather here in western Oregon simply can't make up its mind, I am going ahead and clearing out the winter clothes and figuring out summer wear for the kiddos.  The Drama Queen wants shorts because "my other pants make me all hot and sweaty and dis-gust-ing."  Last year, she had the cutest knee-length shorts in a variety of colors and styles;  but apparently this year, shorts styles have gone the abundantly-short-and-skanky route.  No daughter of mine is going to wear shorts that could double as underwear!  Noticing that several pairs of jeans were going into the "getting-too-short" pile, I decided to make those into shorts for my girl.  

Here's how.  First, have your girly put the jeans on and mark on each leg about where you want the shorts to fall.  I used a Sharpie 'cuz I'm classy like that.  Cut off the jean legs at the mark.  (Save the jean legs for a future project.  Let them sit around in a messy pile for a while.  Realize that you are never going to get to the yet-undetermined project.  Throw them away!)

 It really doesn't take much fabric at all to make the edging for the shorts.  I had the Drama Queen look through my fabric stash and choose her favorite.  Measure around the short leg and add a little extra for length.  Decide how wide you want your edging to be and double that plus a little extra.  Cut two strips following these measurements.  Fold each strip like the photo above and iron so that the folds stay in place.

 Next, pin your strips in place.  The part of the strip that has the edge folded down a little should be on the outside of the pants leg.  Then sew with a straight stitch about a half-inch in from the top of the edging.

I went ahead and sewed a remaining scrap of fabric into a tie belt for the shorts, as the Drama Queen is skinny and hipless and needs all the help she can get to keep her pants up.

Easy.  Cute.  Very washable.  These particular shorts are her new faves and have gone through the wash several times already without falling apart.

Oh, and not skanky at all...

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