Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not a Barbie

I have always wanted to have Barbie hair. You know, long blonde piecey layers that look effortless even though you know it took hours to get it that way? And because of this desire, I have attempted time and again to grow out my hair and style it a la Barbie. A few years back though, I realized that it just wasn't for me. Short hair looked better on me and was a LOT easier to maintain. Plus, the Nerd actually preferred me with short hair so it seemed a no-brainer.

But then, during this last pregnancy, my hair grew super fast and was so shiny and healthy that I fooled myself into thinking I could try the Barbie hair once again. All during the pregnancy I wore it long and rejoiced in its shiny bounciness. Then Little Sprout arrived, and amidst the trenches of caring for a newborn plus three other littles, I started sporting a new look: the ponytail. After a few weeks of nothing but ponytails, the Nerd very kindly mentioned that it might be time to get my hair cut. No, my inner plastic fashion doll protested. It took me a while to grow this out - I'll just show him that it is completely manageable. Ha! That didn't work - every time I picked up the straightening iron, the baby started screeching or the kidlets took advantage of the unguarded kitchen.

I finally talked myself into getting my hair cut. I went to one of those websites where you upload a photo of yourself and then "try on" different hair styles and cuts. (by the way, I look wicked awesome in dreadlocks). A few days later, I popped in to my local salon, asked for an A-line cut, and got this:

I instantly loved it, and when I got home, the Nerd proclaimed that "this was it" and that I should never wear my hair any other way. The cut works well curly or straight and requires minimal time in the morning for styling. I love it!

I guess I'm just more of a Posh Spice than a Barbie. . . ;)


  1. Love it Jeanette! I agree with the Nerd. :)

  2. I LOVE IT!! It's perfect. SOSOSOSO pretty!!!! and minimal time to look fabulous is always fabulous!!!!


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