Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is It Two Months Already?!

Little Sprout celebrated two whole months of life in the Foster family on February 11. As an indication of her excitement, she offered up this crooked and completely adorable smile. We have been on the receiving end of a lot of these smiles lately. And our little bug started giggling this past week as well. She only does it for me, which I'm not hatin'.

At two months, Miss Sprout:
1) weighs 10 lb 13 oz.
2) measures 24 inches long!
3) wears mostly 0-3 month clothing, including the wicked cute jeggings with buttons you see here. :)
4) has mostly blonde hair on top and mostly dark hair in the back. very mulletish...
5) adores her new swing that her mother bought off Craigslist in a moment of desperation when the old swing died. (baby swings are not optional with colicky babies!)
6) hates clean shirts on Daddy, apparently, and makes all haste to adorn them with slobber and spit-up.
7) seems especially fond of he big brother the Beast. He gets the biggest smiles and coos anyway.
8) likes to "talk". a lot.

onward to one quarter of a year!

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