Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thirty-Eight Weeks/Thirty-Nine Weeks

Okay, so this post is a whole week late, but hey, here it is. Contractions and stomach flu sweeping through the house have not made the past week easy, especially since it was Thanksgiving week.
Sweet Baby Girl is doing well, although she has one enlarged kidney. My doctor thinks that the kidney will return to normal size after she is born. She is really crammed in there and hopefully is ready to come out soon!
I am extremely uncomfortable - everything is a chore these days. I am dilated almost 2 centimeters but contractions aren't making any progress yet. I really thought she would try to be a November baby, but it doesn't look like she will come until December. We are all living in a holding pattern, waiting for baby and not making too many definite plans for anything in the next two weeks or so.
WE are all just so ready for her to be here already! Everything is set up and in place for her, and Mommy is tired of watching Biggest Loser marathons on Netflix while "resting" and waiting. Come on baby girl!

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