Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Tired. Tired because the little acrobat inside me won't let me sleep at night. Tired of the massive heartburn that occurs no matter what I eat. Tired of whining and the "But why?"s and the complaining (ironic I know) and the general non-attention of my children. Tired of all my extra responsibilities that yes indeed I know I brought upon myself so I have no one else to blame. Tired of washing the same little pairs of underwear with Thomas the Tank Engine staring back at me because a certain little boy has decided that he no longer wants to use the potty anymore. Tired of the demands of three picky eaters at dinner time, not to mention the one who pretty much refuses to eat dinner at all. ever. no exaggeration. Tired of looking all around me and seeing the 101 things that still need to be accomplished and just aren't getting done.

Not just tired, but overwhelmed. Wondering how on earth I am going to manage this when the baby comes and demands a lot more of my attention.

I guess I just need some encouragement right now. I love my family and the coming baby, but I am struggling with loving my life right now. :(

Yikes. I sound like a major complainer. Truth is, it's reality though and not everything is positive all the time.

And I've got two hyper boys screeching and racing each other up and down the stairs. My little "woe is me" moment is over. . .


  1. what mother has not felt tired. a lot of tired.

    my problem though was that i sulked in it. felt too much sorry for myself, and not enough delight in God's generosity in every detail of my life.

    if you feel that (now or ever) than run don't walk to his gates! "enter with thanksgiving, enter with praise!"

    praise God for the sweet things. the adorable things. the crazy and that it won't last forever (praise God) and feel in the praising a deep breath of Spirit air fill your lungs and sustain you in the tired.

    Thank you God

  2. I hear ya. I'm tired, too. My baby's six months old now and I *think* I'm finally feeling a little less overwhelmed. Sometimes. You'll get there. It'll take time. And when the baby comes, it'll be worse. But we can't love all of life all of the time, because then we're just annoying. ;)

  3. I've been having rough nights sleeping with 6ish weeks to go. Then I have to little girls to entertain. But I'm doing this fall challenge from Women Living Well http://womenlivingwell.org/2011/09/making-your-home-a-haven-fall-challenge-is-back/ and I see a difference already. I am reminded to pray for peace in our home and things are starting to calm down (a bit anyway).


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