Friday, October 14, 2011

Thirty-Two Weeks

(happily unbalanced)

The Baby: Little Sprout is moving around like a little crazy woman. Now the size of a large jicama (3.75 pounds), she is certainly making her presence known. Complete strangers have stopped to stare at my shape-changing belly, and a few have even asked if they can "feel it." Um, no. It's crazy enough when you're sitting in church and your friends are pressing on the side of your belly to make the baby dance. Babycenter tells me that I should be gaining about a pound a week now, with half of that going directly to Little Sprout. At that rate, we will no longer be able to call her "little"! If all goes according to previous pattern, she will be my biggest baby. The Drama Queen weighed in at 6 lb 3 oz (she was three weeks early though); the Beast was 8 lb 8 oz at birth, and the Spud was 8 lb 12 oz.

Me: I am doing way better this week emotionally than last week. For the rest of this pregnancy, I am sure I will be putting "tired and hurting" as my status; but it is not too bad. Despite the much cooler temperatures now, I still run our air conditioner every night to stay comfortable. Whatever that is. Insomnia has also kicked in - so Netflix and my Kindle have been keeping me company in the wee hours of the morning. Well, that and the ever faithful bathroom. We are good friends lately.

(me playing around with our three-way mirror in the bathroom and avoiding the kid knocking on the bathroom door and shouting, "Momma, are you peein' in there?")

The Siblings: The Drama Queen is really ready for her little sister to come join the family. She has a baby dolly named "Jennifer" that she takes with her everywhere, stopping frequently to change her diaper, bathe her, and feed her. Last night she informed me not to worry if she was up a lot during the night because Jennifer wasn't sleeping through the night yet. Looks like I am going to have one awesome helper!

The Plans: I finally retrieved our infant car seat from a friend who had been borrowing it. It makes me feel better that that is ready to go. I also spent some time this week thinking about all the details - where the kids will go when all the action starts, what vehicle we will use, etc.

As of today, I technically have 54 days to go. It sounds like a lot still, but with the thousand and one activities we have going on at this time of year, I know it will speed by. After all, thirty-two weeks have already flown by! (and speaking of thirty-two, a certain momma will be turning that number just a few days before her due date.) hmmm.


  1. You are still looking wonderful! If I were there, I'd probably ask to rub your belly too. :)

    My kids bang on the bathroom door too. I told them that they need to leave me alone when I'm in there unless the house is on fire. Hasn't been working though. :)

  2. Looking good, girl! You're in the home-stretch...hang in there!


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