Thursday, September 08, 2011

Twenty-Seven Weeks

The Baby: So Little Sprout (I am dying to use her name we chose for her but I promised the Nerd to keep it a secret!) is almost two pounds now, the same as a head of cauliflower. According to BabyCenter, she is taking turns sleeping and being wide awake now, practicing for her sleep patterns when she joins us. Whatever. I am pretty convinced that child never sleeps, given the amount of time she uses my ribs as a trampoline.

Me: I am finding the need to sit down a lot more lately, as these poor legs and ankles get tired and swollen rather quickly. Thankfully that works out well with the whole homeschooling thing. Chasing little boys, however, is not helping. Also, although I am grateful that both boys seem to really be hitting their stride with the whole potty training thing, I do wish they would be able to hit the toilet more often. Getting down to scrub up all their "misses" off the floor is not on this preggo lady's list of fun things to do.

The Siblings: The Beast asked me to lift him up at the playground the other day so he could reach the zipline. I reminded him that Mommy was not able to lift that kind of weight right now. He said, "Oh yeah, I forgot. You can't pick me up cuz you're too fat!" (This said in a very loud voice - the Beast has only two volumes: loud and very very loud!) Sighing, I contended that it was not that Mommy was too fat, but that Mommy was carrying a baby in her tummy and didn't want to do anything to hurt the baby. "No, mom." he insisted. "It's cuz you're way too fat." Thanks kiddo. Self-esteem is now just soaring through the roof.

The Plans: I got nothin. Well, actually, if you count switching three rooms around in the house and doing way too much manual labor to give ourselves a bedroom with more room for baby, then I guess the plans have been going on as usual. I wonder if she would like sleeping in a dresser drawer?

I am just about ready to head on in to that third trimester. To all those who have made the kind remark of "Haven't you had that baby yet?", no and I am pretty sure you will know when I have. What? Do I look that big?

People. . .


  1. Don't you just love the comments people make when you're pregnant? Sheesh. BTW, I think you look fabulous!

  2. You have a perfectly round belly and look fabulous! Don't listen to the rude comments. You wear pregnancy well! :)

  3. yes. you are ginormous. there. someone had to say it. :) :-O hehe jk. :) :) can't wait for niece #10!!


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