Friday, July 08, 2011

Fifteen - Eighteen Weeks

The Baby: Little Sprout has been growing rapidly, moving from apple-size to avocado-size to turnip-size to bell pepper-size in the space of a few weeks. I am calling the baby "Squirmy" as I have been feeling lots of kicks and elbows in the past weeks. At my check-up on Tuesday, it took forever to get a heart-beat reading because the little one kept jumping and moving around. So much for my hopes for a calm and peaceful baby. :) You may have noticed the jump from sixteen to eighteen weeks. Apparently, EDD calculations were a bit off and I am actually a week ahead of what we all thought.

The Belly: It's definitely high and sticking out in front. It is a bit disturbing that I have already outgrown some of my maternity clothes.

Me: I am hungry hungry hungry all the time! Thankfully no nausea or morning sickness cropped up while we were on the road and eating all kinds of crazy things. I am especially excited because later today I have my ultrasound to find out the baby's gender! I am hoping Little Sprout will cooperate, and I am also hoping I don't go out afterwards and blow the month's budget on sweet little dresses or handsome little overalls. :)

The Siblings: They are all pretty chill about it now. Every once in a while the Beast talks to my belly, and recently the Spud announced excitedly that he was not a baby anymore because "momma has a new baby." We'll see how the crew does at the ultrasound today.

I'd better go get ready for that ultrasound. Afterwards, the kiddos are headed to Grandma's to spend the night - I am prepping them now by dosing them up on cotton candy and soda.

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