Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thirteen Weeks

The Baby: Little Sprout is now ready for the criminal justice system, as fingerprints are now formed on the little fingertips. Thankfully its little body is starting to catch up to its head size; this family is not ready for a bobble-head child. At almost three inches long, Little Sprout is now the size of a medium shrimp. :)

Me: I have been super tired this past week. On Monday, I started getting some serious side cramps, which freaked me out a bit. I found out that these side cramps are common in the beginning of the second trimester, usually signifying that the muscles and ligaments are stretching out to make room for the growing uterus. Unfortunately since then, anytime I do any kind of physical labor (laundry, a lot of walking or going up and down stairs, chasing kids, etc), the cramps return, and I am forced to sit and rest until they subside. Of course, with three kiddos ages 5 and under, it's difficult to take the time to rest; but I am trying to be careful.

The Belly: I am still not convinced it looks like a pregnant belly yet. I just feel big. But hubby assures me that even people that don't know I am pregnant would be able to tell now.

The Siblings: Last week, Grandma purchased Little Sprout's first gift - a super-soft blanket in a rich brown and decorated with jungle animals. The kids love it - they take turns snuggling with it and laying it on my tummy to "help keep the baby warm." The Beast is especially sweet - he will share his candy and special treats with me so that I can give it to the baby. :) He has also decided that we ought to name the baby Lowly. Yeah. That's definitely not on the list. :)

Well, I'm off to conquer a bowl of Southern Chocolate Pie ice cream. Priorities, priorities...

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  1. southern chocolate pie ice cream... sounds dangerous!

    you look great. congratulations!


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