Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Soundtrack

I discovered the wonder of Pandora radio a few months ago and am completely hooked. Radio that you can completely customize to play the kind of music you like best? Yeah, I'm there!

It also helps that I married a very tech-savvy guy. He made it possible for me to listen to my Pandora stations in the kitchen, our bathroom, and even the minivan using my Iphone and whatever sort of dock/speakers he has set up. If you are unfamiliar with Pandora radio, basically it's internet radio that "gets you." You start off with a favorite artist or song - and Pandora chooses other songs and artists based on what you picked. If you don't like a song, you press the "thumbs down" button and Pandora stores that information. If you like a song, you guessed it - you press the "thumbs up" button, and Pandora recognizes that as well. In time, Pandora "figures" you out and plays all the stuff you like.

I have a dozen stations or so - quite a few are kid-oriented, as I seem to be constantly surrounded by munchkins. Lately, however, my life has been moving to the soundtrack of my gospel station. It plays a mix of Southern gospel, contemporary Christian, and good old-fashioned gospel music. This morning, while taking my shower, I sang along to "Testify to Love", "Oh What a Savior", "The Longer I Serve Him", "Tell Me One More Time About Jesus", and "The Old Country Church." The old songs bring back sweet memories of growing up in a small church and thrill me with their meaningful words. The new ones have a different vibe - more passionate, reminding me of what I live for and why I serve a living Savior.

It's hard to be downhearted or to be tempted to complain when your heart is constantly full of music that praises Him! Psalm 146:2 - "While I live will I praise the LORD: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being." Beyond that, I am filling my children's minds and hearts with words that glorify God. It makes my heart smile every time I hear the Beast chime in with "Here I Am to Worship."

What's your soundtrack today? Do the songs make you think and the words lift up your spirits? Considering all that God has done and does for us, what would be more natural than outbursts of heartfelt praise, even during tough times? Praising changes our perspective from ourselves and our problems and shortcoming and lifts our focus to God.

Let's praise Him today!


  1. That's so neat that it figures out what you like! So true what praise can do to our mood!

  2. I love Pandora! I love their Christian station...but I also love one of their Classic Rock stations when I'm working out. Totally keeps me going!

  3. i love pandora. sometimes I'm confused by stuff that pops up Michael Buble on my "pink" station

  4. I'm completely addicted to Pandora radio now!


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