Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laundry Fight

What do you do with clean laundry when you don't feel like folding it and putting it away?
You have a laundry fight, of course! There is nothing quite so exhilarating as fresh-smelling T-shirts flying through the air and landing with a satisfying swoosh on your intended target.
The Drama Queen is master of multi-tasking - she can accurately hurl many items of clothing at one time.
The Beast prefers to use one piece at a time - and the exact same piece every time. Hence, we call him the "Pant Slinger."

And in case you get a little carried away and end up hurting someone with your well-placed laundry item, a hug will definitely fix it. Trust me!

Note: There are a couple of drawbacks to this admittedly very fun activity. One, it can be dangerous if you do not make it clear beforehand that items with large buttons and shoes are off limits. Just sayin'... Two, your toddler may remember the next day how fun it was and remove the entire contents of his dresser drawers in hopes that we might have another laundry fight.

Still, it was way more fun than folding and putting it away. And, at the end of our laundry fight, I coerced each participant to pick up a few items, fold them, and put them away. ;) The clean clothes got aired out and put away - imagine that!

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