Thursday, January 13, 2011


Five years ago today the most beautiful baby girl entered my life and changed it forever.
I never thought one tiny human being could affect me that much. I instantly fell in love with her downy white-blonde hair, her brilliant blue eyes, and her sweet soft femininity.

I watched her grow from a smiling baby to a squirmy toddler, marveling at how quickly she reached each milestone and reveling in the delight of having a girl.

Barely past her first year of life, I introduced her to a chunky little guy that made her a big sister. She became second mother and instant playmate all at once.

A year and a half later, we gifted her with another little brother. She took it all in stride, enjoying her status as "oldest kid" and "only girl."

Since then, our drama queen has been growing like crazy. And I don't mean the "letting-out-the-hems-again" growing (although that certainly has been happening!), but the "I'm a big kid now and I can do practically everything by myself" growing. It has been both wonderful and terrifying to watch.

Now I catch her doing all sorts of things - reading books on her own, bossing her brothers around, matching her little outfits, telling knock-knock jokes to her friends, giggling at some preschool gossip, helping with the housework, and more.
She's getting to be quite grown-up. And I'm not sure I like it.

I just want to keep my little girl with the big cheesy grin and extreme exuberance for life (I never knew anyone to get as excited about pancakes as that one!) forever.
Five is not so bad. It seems so much bigger than four, but at least it's not fifteen.

I love you, sweet little angel - my "pickle head". :) Happy Fifth Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Gabi! I miss seeing you grow up..
    from your adopted grandma,

  2. So sweet! Happy birthday to your little big girl! :)


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