Sunday, October 10, 2010



Apparently I am not as good at juggling school, family, therapy, housework, exercise, church, and extra activities as I thought. As you can see, my poor blog has been sadly neglected. It certainly isn't for lack of blog post fodder - the posts keep piling up in my head. It's just finding a solid time to sort out all the random thoughts and get them published in a coherent post.


I'm not giving up! I do love blogging and will persevere to find that magic time to do it. There is way too much happening in our little family that needs recording for posterity. :)

One of the things that has been keeping us pretty busy is our new gym membership. We have been talking for a long time now about getting healthier and setting a good, positive example for our kids. Of course, it was all talk and not much action. The truth is - we are both pretty unhealthy, with the Nerd needing to lose a lot of weight and myself needing to change some bad habits. We finally found a gym that really works for us. It is completely family oriented, and our membership fee includes childcare (huge benefit for me!) and racquetball (huge motivation for the Nerd.) Since we joined, we have been at the gym almost every day. I am still amazed at how motivated we are this time. I actually look forward to going every day! It makes me smile when the kids eagerly ask if we get to go to the gym each day.

Along with exercise, we have been slowly changing our eating habits as well. The Nerd and I keep track of our calorie intake on our I-phones each day, and I have been making extra effort to get the kiddos to try new, healthier snacks and meals. We even celebrated the Beast's half-birthday with chocolate bean cupcakes (cupcakes made with pureed black beans and whole wheat flour). Amazingly, the kids loved them!

Our results at the end of our first month of healthier living? The Nerd lost fifteen pounds and is playing racquetball competitively in a league. His extra energy has helped him get a lot more things crossed off his "honey-do" list. :) I have lost eight pounds and have noticed extra energy as well. We are so excited at our progress and are determined to make this next month even better!

And part of this healthier lifestyle is getting a decent amount of rest; so I am going to log off and get under those covers. :) happy Monday all!


  1. I have heard of the black bean recipe but always wondered if it was actually good. What did you think?

  2. SO proud of you! Healthier living really makes a difference in this house with patience, energy, etc... We can tell when we've been "off" for awhile! Keep it up! :)


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