Thursday, July 08, 2010

Monogrammed Daisy Clippie Tutorial

I had the privilege of babysitting one of my daughter's friends this week. As I planned activities and projects for the week, I was inspired by the shape of daisies (this week's Found It Friday theme) and created this simple hair clippie project.
Each girl made two, perfect for keeping the hair out of the face on both sides during these hot summer days.
For this easy project, you will need:
1. some ric-rac or ribbon (we got our polka-dotted ric-rac from the dollar section at Michaels)
2. an alligator clip (you can get these at Michaels or any craft store)
3. a brad
4. a pair of sharp scissors
5. glue (we used the hot glue gun)
6. a 1 inch wooden circle
7. acrylic paint and brush
First, measure your alligator clip and then cut six pieces of your ric-rac or ribbon slightly longer than the clip.
Next, use your sharp scissors to make a small slit in the center of each ric-rac or ribbon piece. Insert brad through each slit and fan out pieces until they form a daisy shape. Secure ends of the brad down, as shown.
Here's what the right side will look like. You can skip to the last step if you don't want to do a monogrammed clippie.
Paint the wooden circle in a color to match the ric-rac. When dry, paint a coordinating initial in the center.

Finally, securely glue the daisy to the alligator clip and then glue the wooden circle over the brad.
These sweet little clippies are sure to make any little girl happy! They are so versatile too - one day my daughter wore hers clipped to her favorite hat and the next day clipped to a matching headband.

enjoy! and remember, always create lovely things!

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