Friday, July 23, 2010

Found It Friday - Detective Shows

Well, as I have mentioned before, it has been a crazy week. Besides all the appointments and meetings, The Nerd was out of town on business all week as well. He got back late last night, thankfully bringing lots of "swag" from his conference for the kiddos. (stuffed animals, balls that light up, nerf rockets, and more!) I say thankfully because today I have the stomach flu. Good times.
But still, I wanted to get the Found It Friday post up, even if it is a bit late in the day.
Found It Friday, in case you're new to the fun, is a weekly event in which participating bloggers take that week's theme and find five things inspired by the theme. Then of course they blog about them, sharing them with the world!
Found it Friday has had a bit of a slow start, with few participating, but I am hoping that with perseverance more will join in soon. :)
This week's theme: detective shows
1. Okay, so this recipe for pineapple fried rice was inspired by the show Psych. If you watch Psych, you will totally get it. If not, you may not get the pineapple reference, but you can certainly enjoy the recipe. Total yum! (recipe by Darlene Schmidt)
2. This set of perfectly aligned vases reminds me of Monk and his obsessive desire to be sure that everything is in its proper place. (ColorBlok Vases from Kichler Lighting)
3. When I think of Columbo, I think "tan trench coat." This charming piece of outerwear is a vintage 80s find. (vintage trench coat by the pudding store vintage)
4. Okay, so this one is not a TV show; but The Shadow is one of my favorite radio dramas ever! There are many "shadow artists" out there, and this shot is one of my favorites. (shadow tricks by ziza)

5. And lastly, here's a well-done digital caricature of the cast of CSI: Miami. I must confess I have never seen the show, but this just cracked me up! (caricature by karikamania)

So link up your detective posts below:

And next week's theme will be: Water!


  1. I love that trench coat! Have a great weekend!

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