Sunday, May 16, 2010


I actually got up a little earlier than usual this Sunday morning and found myself with a little extra time (gasp!) so i thought I'd blog a little. Only, inspiration failed me, and thus I am participating yet again in mannland5's bloggy hop "Getting to Know You".

So here goes:

The questions..

1. The most expensive thing hanging in my closet is.....?
my wedding dress, although technically it is now hanging in my mother-in-law's closet because her closet is bigger.
2. Have you ever played a team sport?
yes. in college, I played soccer and basketball for the Pi Epsilon Rho Patriots all four years. also, I consider parenting a team sport! (in which I am the all-star of course!)
3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be?
eww. i guess i would be an ant, just plugging along at life and trying not to get stepped on.
4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburned? (thanks Ian)
shoulders! It's not like you can avoid wearing a shirt, so they get so irritated! ow!
5. Are you happy?
yes. absolutely and completely. God has filled my life with family and friends and pure joy, no matter what!
6. People are always abbreviating..are there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl when people use them?
yes! too many to list! OMG really really irritates me, and the long ones are the worst. I don't have time to figure out what all those letters mean!
7. Do you love where you live..or could you live anywhere?
yes! I am an Oregon transplant and love it here! I hope we never leave!
8. What, if any, extreme measures do you go to to keep yourself from overeating when you're full?

none unfortunately. I just eat and eat. :)

happy Sunday all! you can join in and link up at MannLand5 too!


  1. I am with you on that last one.

    Your kids are too cute!

    Nice to meet you.

  2. I like your bug answer. :)


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