Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Diva Day

Okay all you moms out there.

yeah, you still in the fuzzy bathrobe who hasn't showered yet because you know your kids would destroy the house during your shower time.

And you, you there, who just put your cell phone in the toaster thinking you were making breakfast.

And I can't forget you! You won't admit it, but you have secretly contemplated dropping the kids off at Grandma's a little earlier than planned. Like five hours earlier. It's just been one of those days.

To all of you exhausted weary moms today, I am declaring a Diva Day!

Go ahead, take that shower!

Get a new cell phone - you've been eying that iPhone anyway!

Drop the kids off early and do something special for yourself.

I don't know - get a pedicure or go browse through the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

Or, get a free coffee at Starbucks! Just take in your own travel mug and they'll fill it for you for free today.

Happy Diva Day!
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  1. love it =) How many times a week can be diva day??!!


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