Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Favorites Volume I

1. 25 assorted buttons in an array of sherbety colors by mariam
( I can think of so many uses for these in the Drama Queen's new bedroom. We are doing it in shades of pink, green, and yellow.)
2. midnight blue little itty bitty star bowls by kiln goddess
(I want to mount these on the wall in my dining room. So simple and lovely!)
3. silvery birds on a branch salt and pepper shakers by snapsink
(I have found myself collecting an assortment of birdy things, and I just love this vintage set.)
4. spring blue damask on moss green fabric home organizer by pink pins and needles
(The main floor bathroom is in these colors. Wouldn't this be fantastic holding magazines and books?)
5. Vintage 1950s pink aluminum canister and kitchen set by treasure again
(I am embracing the pink countertops in our "new" kitchen and redoing my kitchen theme in a vintage 1950"s feel. This set is just fabulous!)

Just doing a little browsing and dreaming and planning tonight. . .
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  2. Oh my goodness! Your babies are all grown up. They are so beautiful. You did good=D


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