Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday - Entry Way Panels

Our "new" house has a lot of character, and while I may be embracing some of its more quirky features, these lacy things on the entryway windows had to go. The faded white lace pieces had been attached to the windows with string and thumbtacks, a "mistreatment" that even the Nester would not ignore.
I decided to choose a fabric with some robin's egg blue in it, as the front door and all surrounding paneling are painted that color. I fell in love with this gorgeous chocolate/blue damask from JoAnn's and used a little over a yard of it to make double-sided curtain panels with brown pom-pom trim. I love the new look - it feels completely different than the lace and thumbtacks!

And although we are still unpacking and trying to figure out where everything goes, at least the entryway looks polished and completed. Task tackled!

More tackles at 5 Minutes for Mom...
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  1. Very nice! Definitely an improvement.

  2. So nice and so you! Have fun with the new home.


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