Thursday, February 04, 2010

Week Four Weigh-In

Um yeah. It's been a crazy week.

Well, when I put it that way, it could get rather redundant. I mean, all my weeks are crazy.

So let's just say not much effort was put into the weight-loss plan this past week. Very little exercise was accomplished, healthy eating was thrown out the window, and the burning of the midnight oil continued.

Hmmm. I know, I know, a little self-discipline is in order. So after I finish this Pepsi and eat this ice cream sundae, I'll get right on that.

Just kidding. At least partly. ;)

I did manage to lose another pound however, putting my total weight loss so far to 5.8 pounds.
I always have been more of a tortoise than a hare.


  1. I am a tortoise too haha. I am loving your blog design by the way.

  2. The tortoise's way is better anyway! At least you are going in the right direction. Remember, today is a new day. Just jump back in where you are. (I say that as I've decided to skip aerobics today from shear exhaustion. :) )

  3. Wow! You had a bad week, but still managed to lose a pound? I'd say that was a GOOD week! You're losing! Way to go!


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