Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week Two Weigh-In -sometimes we fall

I just completed week two of my plan to exercise more, eat better, and ultimately lose weight.

I would rather not go into all the gory details of last week, so here are a few words to give you an overall idea of how the week went: stomach flu, sick family, large box of Ding-Dongs, birthday cake, too much pizza, other family issues, soda, no exercise, ...

Yeah, so it wasn't my best week ever. When I stepped on the scale to weigh myself yesterday, I was pretty surprised to find that I had only gained .6 pounds over the week, making my current weight 168.6 pounds. So certain that it was going to be a lot more weight gain, I was relieved to not totally undo the results of my first week.

So, life is messy. And I am human. Life goes on. Here's to some actual weight loss this week!

By the way, whoever invented push-ups, side planks, and the Superman move ought to be punished. Owww. I am so hurting right now...


  1. You can do it. everyone has off weeks!

  2. Some days/weeks you are on ... some you are off. Don't beat yourself up. Just jump back in where you are!


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