Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Sharks Can Smile

Every night, I wake up this little girl around 11:00 pm or so and take her to the bathroom. If I don't, I'll be washing sheets the next day!

Last night, she staggered into the bathroom, still half-asleep. "Hurry up and go, sweetie, and you can go back to bed, " I encouraged.

She sat there for a minute, and then suddenly said, "Some sharks can smile."

"What, honey?" I asked.

"Some sharks can smile."

"Oh, were you dreaming about sharks, sweetheart?"

"No. They live in the undersea ocean. I just know, that's all."

I grinned and helped her back into her bed. "Good night and sweet dreams, honey," I whispered. She didn't even hear me. She was already asleep.


  1. How sweet is that!? Those are the moments you live for! Thanks for sharing.


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