Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Always a Mini-Me

In many ways, the Drama Queen is a mini-me. She can talk a mile a minute and fill you in on the most mundane of details. If you let her, she will describe to you the entire plot of a movie she just saw or a really funny story she just made up. She is just like her mother!

She also loves all things artistic and is in her element when you give her crayons, markers, paints, and blank paper. If you give her a pair of scissors, she is in heaven; and I would venture to say that in a few years (when she is a little older), she will swoon if you give her a hot-glue gun. Yep, she is just like her mother!

The Drama Queen gets excited about the smallest things and is very appreciative of them as well. "Thank you Momma for giving me carrot sticks for lunch" and "It's so nice of you to share your house with me" are classic Drama Queen statements. Uh huh, she is just like her mother!

But when I take her to a birthday party full of little girls, princess stuff, games, and cupcakes, she freezes. She hides in the corner and plays by herself. She doesn't join the others in their activities unless prompted several times. On the way home from the party, she will talk on and on about how much fun the party was and how much fun she had playing with the other girls, even though I know she didn't even venture close to them. This is NOT like her mother! I would be the one in the center of the group, playing all the games and being the loudest.

But the Drama Queen is NOT me! (thank goodness). And so I push down all those impulses to "make" her join in the group and be more social. I let her be who she is (without being rude to our host, of course). And secretly I'm a little glad she is a bit of a wall-flower in these social situations. When I hear the mom next to me hollering at her kid to "be nice to the other kids or else" and another mom asking her child to "please lower the volume now!" , I am relieved that all I have to do is watch my calm and obedient child play quietly and happily by herself.

Ha ha , so definitely not like her mother...


  1. Isn't it nice seeing the similarities & differences between ourselves & our kids. I love it! Z is much like me. Opinionated, loud, type a...BUT as a child, I was all these things in my head. LOL I was shy and missed out on a lot b/c of it. He jumps into every situation with gusto. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. ;)

  2. Very sweet post! It's always amazing how our kids can seem just like us, yet so different!


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