Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Obsession

I discovered a very dangerous thing yesterday. Dangerous to our budget, anyway! I'm talking about Amazon Lightning Deals. Apparently, (which already rates pretty high in our family) has been running these gold box or "lightning deals" on their site since Black Friday. Basically, an item is chosen to be put on sale for a fantastic price at a certain time in the day, and it stays that price for a short while until the time period is over or they sell out.

I had been thinking about the Drama Queen's birthday - it comes up just two weeks after Christmas - and trying to figure out what we would get her. Since nothing makes her happier than spending hours with crayons and markers and other crafty things, I had been considering some of the new Crayola products. I especially liked the Color Wonder Magic Light brush set, but I wasn't willing to pay the $40.00 price tag.

And then I stumbled quite by accident on Amazon Lightning Deals. The Color Wonder Magic Light brush set had just been marked down to $17.00 and was already almost sold out! I quickly signed in and purchased the set. Woot! And before I left the site, I had discovered a couple of other deals that I couldn't resist , like this Giraffalaff Limbo game for only $9.50 (there are still some of these available, last time I checked). Not to mention that they are also running a Super Savings Free Shipping deal as well!

So, right now I am trying hard to focus on other things and not allow my fingers to stray too close to the button. Who knows what deals they might have today? Ah, the flesh is weak - I might just go take a look-see...

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  1. Daddy in Law11:01 AM

    Wow some of these are really good. I like how they give you some idea about what the product might be in advance. Thanks for sharing.


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