Friday, October 16, 2009

Reclaiming Our Living Room

I used to be quite pleased with our living room's decor. It was the only room completely finished and decorated, and I loved sitting in it after the kids had gone to bed, catching up on email or TV shows and drinking some yummy chai tea.

But now the aliens have taken over my favorite room in the house. Three little aliens with a whole LOT of stuff, to be exact. As I sit here on our comfy leather couch, there is not a single direction I can look without seeing all their stuff. I'm tired of it - the little aliens are even overwhelmed by it, and it's time to make a change.

They don't know it yet - although there has certainly been some clues - but over half of their toys are leaving this house. We are taking our living room back! I have filled several large plastic containers with their toys and stuck them in the garage to be sorted through. The toys that survive the cut will be stored in the garage and only brought out for "dollhouse day" or "train day" or building blocks day."

So suddenly, I need to come up with a new solution for the living room. The room basically has been designed around all these toys, and so I am trying to figure out how to best use the space that will be freed up. Last night we hit IKEA in hopes of figuring out the perfect idea for our space. We left with lots of ideas but no concrete ones yet. Basically we are moving out a large toy storage unit and replacing it with. . . an entertainment center? a storage unit with locks that the kiddies can't open? a sofa bed to provide more seating plus a sleeping area for naps/guests? We are still not sure what the best option is yet - I will post pics of the space later and perhaps you all can chip in with your ideas.

Beyond reclaiming our living room as a mostly adult space, we have been talking about getting rid of a lot of the toys for another reason. Our kiddies, especially the Drama Queen, have seemed a little "entitled" lately. Just last week, Grandma brought over some new toys for the kids to enjoy. I was shocked and embarrassed to hear my daughter ask, "What else did you bring me, Grandma?" At Sunday School, she thinks that she deserves to get a special treat every week. I've observed her and the Beast go from one toy to the next, none of which hold their attention span for more than a few minutes. It's time to get this under control. I want my children to realize that you don't just get everything you want - things come with hard work and wise choices.

I expect the Drama Queen will not be pleased with the changes we are about to make. She will probably have a few "moments" but will get with the program fairly quickly. I dare say that the Beast will not even notice. He's usually too busy playing with things that are not toys! And the Spud's too young to really care.

I can't wait to get my room back!


  1. Will any of those discarded toys make it to the church nursery? hint hint

  2. My mom always had a rule that toys remained in my bedroom. And if I was "allowed" to bring a toy into the forbidden adult sanctuary (aka living room), they were to find their happy bedroom home as soon as my interest in the object expired. And there were NO exceptions. So it sounds like your changes will be similar. I know it helped keep my mom sane!


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