Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Kaleidoscope of Fall Color

We had the perfect day to visit the pumpkin patch on Saturday - beautiful, sunny, with just a touch of chill to the weather. The most adorable children featured below enjoyed choosing a pumpkin, petting various animals (the Drama Queen fell in love with the sweet chicks), eating cider donuts and kettle corn, and posing endlessly for Momma's relentless camera. So most of the pictures feature the one and only Spud? Sorry, I can't help the little guy is so cute and more than willing to pose for photos. . .

. . . and what better way to end our annual fall excursion taking a walk with Daddy by the pond? That, and maybe just one more cider donut. . .


  1. Such fun! Three of the four most adorable kids I know! ;-)

  2. Wow! You really did get some excellent pictures here! Amazing! And I love the one you are using for a header! Looks like fall around here, for sure!


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