Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday -

I'm sitting here sipping my morning smoothie and contemplating the previous week. Time for a little "Not Me" therapy! It's always relaxing and completely freeing all at the same time. You may want to see how many others are releasing their stress through "Not Me" therapy and perhaps join in yourself. Nothing like not really admitting to anything!

First of all, I would just like to say that I am not sitting here gloating that my fantasy football team decimated my hubby's team 144 to 86. No, not me! That would certainly not be very Christ-like even though he should have been better prepared to lose to such an awesome team as the Fightin' Frogs!

And I am not here drinking a smoothie for breakfast because the man and I have finally made a commitment to eat healthier and become generally more healthy people. Nope, not me! Everyone knows that this girl cannot resist junk food and especially anything sweet. So obviously I have not been tediously recording everything I eat in my "Lose It!" application on my I-phone.

Because of course I would not have worked hard to convince my hubby that I needed an I-phone. Now. I would not have agreed to pay out of my contract so I could get one. And naturally, if I had, I would not have been sitting up late at night playing with all the applications that the glorious I-phone comes with. As if!

It is not me that uses my children as slave labor, making the 2-year-old do mountains of laundry. He most certainly would not agree to pose for such a photo so it must be a very skilled use of photoshop.

And finally, I absolutely did not get the deals of the century on the kiddies' winter wardrobe this year at the local consignment sale. I mean, $8 for a brand-new Old Navy coat? $2 for Gap jeans for the Beast? $1 for a brand-new Carters blazer for the Drama Queen? Pretty unbelievable, I must say. Nope, not me!

Are you "not me-ing" today?


  1. WOW!!! Consignment sale jackpot!!! I'm a little envious!!! The ones around here are so high priced, I have to go across town to get a good then you figure gas money in there...blah. I'm jealous of the iphone too! Love it!

  2. love that pic of the beast:)


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