Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loaded Questions

Recently my father-in-law received a board game entitled "Loaded Questions" for his birthday, and we were able to put it to the test at some family gatherings. The premise of the game is simple - answer the question and hope that no one guesses that it is your answer. Basically, on each turn, a moderator (changes each turn) reads aloud a question and everyone else writes down their own personal answer to the question. Another player reads aloud all the answers, and the moderator must guess who wrote which answer. Questions range from "What do you complain about most?" to " What is the best purchase you ever made?" It is the perfect game for a lot of discussion and laughter.

I myself have been pondering some loaded questions recently:
1) Is white tea a marketing gimmick? Is there really such a thing as white tea leaves that supposedly make a milder and healthier tea? Come on, people, have you tasted that stuff? It tastes like water with a little added flavor. Personally I think someone made it up, bottling flavored water and selling it at ridiculously high prices as "white tea."
2) And now to the coffee creamer. I recently purchased a bottle of Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer for the fridge. Seriously, folks? "Limited Edition?" What - should I run out to the store and buy up all the pumpkin pie spice creamer before anyone else does because they are collector's items and marked "limited edition"? Isn't all coffee creamer "limited edition" anyway - limited by its expiration date?
3) Should I cut the Spud's hair? His luscious blonde curls are starting to get rather long. Every day someone stops me to tell me how adorable my little girl is. I am afraid that if I cut it, all the curl will go away. Ah, decisions, decisions,...
4) Why are people always asking me what my secret is to my kiddies' good behavior in public? There is no secret, people - you just happened to catch us on a good day. Either that, or I've discovered a new source of bribery - recent bribes have included a trip to the pet store, licorice, "special" papers to color when we get home, and an extra half-hour of tv. And I'm just curious - was everyone oblivious when the Beast threw a major tantrum just minutes ago?

What questions are weighing on your mind today? Share in the comments please!


  1. LOL @ white tea! Conspiracy!!! I totally agree. The hair issue is for you & you alone to decide. I was the same way about T's hair, but a lot of it has kept it's wave since being cut. I coudln't take the snot + hair combo any more & gave her some bangs. :)

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  3. The loaded question I've been weighing lately is wether or not to go back to work!


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