Monday, August 03, 2009

Not Me Monday #10 - (not so secret sale)

Time for another therapy session in which I tell the world all the things I did not do this past week. It always feels good to confess without really confessing, I guess. And if you think I'm crazy, you should see the hundreds of others who swear by this same therapy at MckMama's blog...

It was not me that spent the night sleeping on the couch in the living room because hubby had not put the air conditioner in our room yet. nope, not me! I certainly would not sacrifice the comfort of my bed for the comfort of sleeping in a room that was not over 100 degrees! And of course I did not spend much time the next day "encouraging" hubby to install the air conditioner pronto.

On Tuesday, I did not pack up all three rascals and head to Target for a few hours just to walk around in the air conditioning. Nope, not me! And if I had, I would not have gotten a crazy craving for Raisinettes. Which, if I had purchased such a chocolatey treat on such a hot day, you would not have seen me hurriedly eating entire handfuls of Raisinettes before they melted. No, not me!

On the hottest day of the year (Wednesday), I did not throw ice cubes in the kiddie pool to keep them cooler longer. We also did not go through a ridiculous number of popsicles that day...

I did not stay up until three in the morning to make a lot of French memo boards for the parking lot sale coming up that weekend. Because of course the next day I would be getting a call that the parking lot sale had been postponed to the end of the month due to the heat.

On Thursday, I did not get a call of desperation from hubby at work saying he had torn his contact lens and needed his glasses. If I had, i would have jumped with joy at the thought of taking the kiddies and driving all the way into downtown Portland to take him his glasses. I would not have cleverly finagled the situation to include lunch out with him downtown. Nope, not me! And while driving there, I did not get hopelessly lost with GPS in the van. Ha! You all know how fabulous I am with directions....

On the Beast's end of things, he informed me to let you all know that he most certainly did not dump over a huge bin of spools of thread at the craft store, sending them scattering in all directions. And he absolutely did not sit in the middle of the same store, shouting "I'm pooping! I'm pooping!" Ha - not my kid!

And finally, i am not about to offer my blog readers a fabulous deal! Today only, in case I just happen to have a surplus of French memo boards(shown below), I am not about to give my readers $3 off these boards. But if I were to hold such a great sale, I would tell my readers to go to The Framed Frog and message me with which board they want. Then I would send them the info they need to order the board. I'm just saying....

12x16 boards - regular price is $17.00 
1.  alphabet board, multi-colored ribbon, colored star-shaped fasteners
2.  coffee bean board (green and brown), brown polka dot ribbon, brass word fasteners
3.  cherry pie board (black), red ribbon, black gingham fasteners

14x18 boards - regular price is $20.00
4.  Christmas forest (green)*, green ribbon, gold fasteners
5.  Christmas candy (green)*, red, green, and white ribbon, ribbon bow fasteners
6.  pink peace doves*, white ribbon, crocheted flower fasteners
7.  princess (pink), purple ribbon, flower and ladybug fasteners
8.  elegant fleur de lis (pink), white daisy ribbon, wedding cake fasteners
9.  retro flowers (white), aqua ribbon, brass word fasteners

16x20 boards - regular price is $24.00
10.  teal swirly flowers (brown), teal ribbon, brass upholstery tacks
11.  sock monkey numbers (red), yellow ribbon, colored star-shaped fasteners
12.  quaint Christmas stripe*, red and green ribbon, gold fasteners
(fabrics marked with * are Michael Miller designer fabrics)
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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! The communist children's book...well, it's actually an Earth Day book that talks about the "greater good" blah blah blah. I don't want to bash this author online, though - because we LOVE all the other books by him. Anyway, I love your blog too! Perhaps I'll follow...hhhmmmm

  2. Sounds like you had an interesting past week :)

    Are you still doing the garage sale at the end of the month? I was going to do my own, but now I'm thinking if everyone else hangs in there, I will too. The memo boards are a great idea by the way. Maybe I'll have some homegrown produce to sell by then as well.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I just hopped over for a dose of Not Me, Monday...I was having Withdrawl Sumptoms... I appreciate your visiting my blog, also. I like your blog and think I will follow. See you soon! Kathy @ Reflections

  4. LOL you crack me up! I too have slept downstairs because it was cooler, and I too have begged hubby to fix the AC, and even ate melting chocolate without sharing because I didn't want to clean up the mess.


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