Friday, July 24, 2009

haha - posting on a Saturday!

Apparently some blogs even have memes for weekend posting, and while I am not usually a meme poster (exception of Not Me! Monday, of course) or a weekend poster, due to sickness and mostly laziness and a little bit of boredom, I am writing this post "Six Talents I Wish I Had." (and isn't that the most ridiculously long and grammar-error-ridden sentence ever?!)

Anyhow, here they are: the six talents I wish I had, in no particular order.

1) organization. yeah. I am a terrible organizer, which would be a great talent to have when juggling a home business and three small and very mischievous children.

2) surfing. I imagine myself to look wicked cool riding the waves with ease and confidence. However, my sense of balance (or lack thereof) and fear of water quickly bring me back to reality.

3) playing the piano (well). i can plunk out some tunes on the piano, but I wish I could sit down and just play anything I wanted. The most intimidating experience I ever had was going to music camp and realizing that all the other campers were way more talented and experienced than I was.

4) sewing. Again, I've got some basic sewing skills, like sewing on a button or hemming the curtains, but I would love to be able to make complicated dresses for my daughter. I do not, however, have the patience for such an endeavor.

5) dressing. Okay, that's a strange talent to list, but I wish I had the ability to put great outfits together without help from friends (or hubby). You would think an artistic person would be more talented in this area, but. . . Hmmm, maybe I've just given up a little since I've had three kiddies in three years...

6) hosting. Yeah, the party's not going to be at my house. I get too stressed out about entertaining and would much rather bring a dish to someone else's house any way.

So what six talents do you wish you had? Maybe we could trade off - one of you organizational gurus out there can come get my house in order, and I can come "artify" your house...


  1. Surfing would be fun!
    Of course..I live in Ill.

  2. I wanted to put dressing on my list too. I should have done it because I've been wishing it for a long time.

  3. I had forgotten about playing the piano! I'd love to be able to do that.

  4. We have several of the same wishes, how very cool. It would also be cool the be the hostess with the mostess during the holidays' too.

  5. you would totally look wicked cool surfing ;) happy Saturday!

  6. I put #5 on my list too. You just feel good about yourself when you look cute. Great list!

  7. I'm with you on the dressing. I'd love to be able to put together a cute outfit...and I'm guessing my pjs don't count!

  8. I am so not creative! I live on the other side of the brain and am overly compulsive with organization. Only one, nope make that two problems in accomplishing my organization goals - hubby and toddlers!!! I am slowly coming to realize that it is impossible to have happy home that is perfectly neat and organized when you live with a messy hubby and toddlers who can destroy a room in less than 5 minutes!

    I say be happy you are creative, it is probably less stressful! LOL

  9. The water scares the hibbiejibbies out of me as well. Flew all the way to Hawaii from Ohio and all I could muster was putting my toes in the surf & letting it slap my legs a little. BLECK!

  10. scared of the water too

    hate sewing, I can do it but i hate it

    have a year of piano under my belt and never perfected it

    But organizing? Now there Im in! I love organizing!

    I also love putting outfits together. I would love it even more if I was your size! sigh


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