Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Me Monday #8 - sleepless in Seattle

It's time for my Not Me! Monday post - a post in which I use a lot of verbage to confess to absolutely nothing and then feel really really good about it. Yeah. . . so if you want to know more, please head over to MckMama's blog for the 411 and get yourself some Not Me! therapy. Pronto! Seriously. You probably need it.

So, on Monday, I did not try method #39 to get my kids to nap. And if I had, it certainly would not have involved cutting and sewing a couple of beach blankets and an old blanket to make special nap mats. (Because of course I would use nice new fabric and awesome ninja-like sewing skills to produce such items) And when the Drama Queen and the Beast actually slept at the same time in the afternoon on that day, I certainly did not squeal with delight and almost wake up the kiddies in the process.

On Tuesday, I did not come downstairs to find the Drama Queen and Spud drenched in baby sunscreen. The Beast was certainly not standing there with a mischievous smile on his face and the incriminating sunscreen can in his hand. Of course, had any of this happened, I would not have yelled at the Beast to go sit on the couch and then in the next second yelled at him to get off the couch before he got sunscreen all over it. Yeah. Absolutely not.

On Friday, I did not get up at 6:00 am in giddy excitement that the nerd and I were going to Seattle for our anniversary. Without the kids. Naturally I would miss the kiddies too much to leave them with someone else for three whole days! And later that day, when our wonderful and oh so competent babysitter texted me to let me know that all three lovely children had napped for three solid hours, I did not have a jealous hissy fit. I did not sit there in the car amazed that such an event could occur, and wonder if she could come to my place every day to orchestrate nap time.

In Seattle, I did none of the following: 1)take cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and grape soda pop back to the hotel room to watch movies (come on, you all know how I love to watch my weight!) 2) think about what would happen if the Space Needle caught on fire while I was on the observation deck and slightly panic 3) pretend to be intensely interested in every Star Trek and Tron and other sci fi exhibit at the Sci Fi Museum while texting and doing other things to distract myself 4) eat the worst food I have ever had at an Italian/Mexican restaurant that boasted chips with spaghetti sauce and Spanish TV game shows as entertainment 5) sing "I Will Remember You" at the top of my lungs in a recording booth at the Live Music Project while the nerd tried to look nonchalant and 6) go to a crazy toy emporium in which the nerd and I posed for pics in a photo booth wearing mullet wigs. Um, no.....not me!

And Sunday night, as I was tucking my precious little munchkins into their beds, the Drama Queen certainly did not say: "Mama, I love you! Will you please go back to Seattle tomorrow?" As if! she loves me too much to say that! :)

Tune in tomorrow for an entertaining list of do's and don'ts when visiting Seattle.


  1. I love your Not Me Monday posts. I imagine you have a lot of inspiration with three young kids.

    That sounds like a great weekend. I can't wait to go on a vacation in a few months. I just want to sleep!

  2. Your thoughts of fire in the space needles is why I refrain from taking elevators anywhere. If I need an elevator to get there, I probably shouldn't be there. Seriously. I have issues. Glad you had fun in Seattle! :)

  3. Kids say the 'darndest' things :) Sounds like something my man would say!

  4. Jeanette you are hilarious! You sang I will remember everyone could hear? You're nuts! Bwahahahahahaha!

  5. Probably the funniest Not Me! I have read so far this week! Good thing about that "ALMOST" woke up the kids from the squealing :)


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