Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Framed Frog Announces....

Time for another giveaway!  This one is being hosted by the Etsy Chatters Team blog - you can go here to read all about me and my artistic endeavors!
Then you can enter the giveaway simply by commenting, twittering, etc. to get entries to win a $25 gift card to my store The Framed Frog!  That can get pretty much anything in the shop or at least be a good chunk of change toward something bigger.  Please go check it out and enter the giveaway here.  It'll cost you like five minutes.  If that.  How can you pass this deal up?  And why are you still reading this?  Go, go, go!

Free Signature Generator

Free Signature Generator

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I went and entered. If you want to win a free kid's music cd you can enter at my blog, there are only 2 entries so far so you have a good chance of winning. It ends monday


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