Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun!

There has been a flurry of activity in the Frogster household as of late, and I just uploaded almost 400 pictures to my computer as proof! I have much to share but for today, I'll focus on some shots we got for Easter. The wild child in the photo above is getting ready to dye some Easter eggs - hence the "I-don't-care-what-happens-to-it" T-shirt. Gabi (below)is slightly less excited in her facial expression, although don't let that fool you. She sobbed bitter tears when the whole process was done.

David had a very steady approach to the art of dyeing eggs, and he did not waver from it. He simply dabbed on tiny patches of dye and then got bored, wanting another egg to color.

Gabi's method was quite different, as evidenced in this photo. Apparently an egg should be painted by sticking out your tongue in fierce concentration and sponging on exorbitant amounts of dye.(which excess Momma later had to remove with a paper towel).

Unfortunately this method is not good to the hand, but the eggs turned out so pretty. And thanks to Momma's watchful eye, not all of Gabi's eggs were colored green. (her only favorite color as of late!)

Here the charming bunch poses in their Easter outfits. The tie T-shirts and T-shirt dress turned out nicely, and you can find the instructions on making these cute outfits at The Scrappy Frog.

The kiddies all greatly enjoyed their Easter buckets from Momma and Daddy. No Easter bunny visited us as we wanted to take all the credit for all the cool things they got. :)

Michael mostly enjoyed the Easter grass in the bottom of his bucket.

Here Gabi is showing off the adorable crocheted bear bonbons that I purchased for the kiddies at StarSapphire's Etsy shop. She loved the bubbles, slinky, and other fun toys in her bucket - we mostly avoided giving any candy this year.

Since Daddy did the Easter bucket shopping, a few interesting items worked their way in. I don't suppose Momma would have thought that a carrot-shaped baseball bat and a rubber baseball would be appropriate for a 2-year-old who spends most of his playtime in our condo's living room. Ah, well, the bat will most likely "disappear" within a few days...
Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera to church and so missed a host of photo opportunities as a helicopter dropped 25,000 candy-filled eggs on the church property for the kiddies to grab. Both Gabi and David were sufficiently impressed and managed to get an impressive haul of eggs, most of which were relegated to the laundry room (aka "Mommy and Daddy's secret treat stash").

After church, we got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Frogster and partake of some yummy ham, turkey, yams, and various other delectable goodies. I love this pic of Michael with his grandma - what a face!


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I really ADORE that picture of Gabi painting with her tongue hanging out. Brings back lots of memories. Love you!

  2. So much fun! I need to focus myself to post my Easter pics, too! Your kids are just too cute. :)


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