Monday, April 06, 2009

The Beast Turns Two!

Dear David,
   My sweet first little boy!  I cannot believe you are two years old already!  When you proudly marched into your new class at church yesterday, you didn't see me wiping away the tears because you were so busy with your new toys and friends.  There is something about the relationship between a mother and her son, and I am so proud and glad to be your momma!
   I look at these pictures and think about my big little boy.  Thanks for still being willing to give and receive lots of kisses and hugs from your momma.  I love all our snuggle times but am so pleased that you are a happy and independent little boy.
   You are so smart, David!  Just yesterday you were telling me this long story of a cartoon you had seen on TV, and I marveled at how well you remembered the story and how well you were able to tell it.  Even more importantly, I am thrilled at the scripture you are hiding away in your heart.  When I hear your sweet little voice echoing your sister's as she recites John 3:16, my heart is full of joy, looking forward to the day when you realize your need for that Saviour and accept Him into your heart.
   I have so many dreams for you, my little man.  I know that God has greater plans for you, and I pray each day that He will help me to be a better momma to you so that these plans can become reality.  
    And, for now, I will relish all the days of your third year here on earth.  Please do me a favor and skip the "terrible two's" - momma would really appreciate that. :)  Also if you could potty-train yourself soon - I am hoping that is not too much to ask.  
    I love you so much, my Davester!  Happy Birthday!
        xoxoxo, love, Momma


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to David. What a sweet little boy!

  2. awwww happy birthday David!!! I love all the pics. You ARE a pretty great-looking kid. I will try to send something soon -- time kinda got away from me!! :)

  3. What gorgeous pics of your little man. Happy Birthday, David!

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday David! Sweet post Jeanette.

    And it would totally NOT be fair if he skipped the terrible twos.. It's a right of passage of motherhood to go through them you know;)

  5. Why do you call him the beast? Was he born big? My son is turning four this summer and IMO, the terrible two's don't hit until they are 3! (Good luck on the potty training...I started when Will was 2 and it took until he was 3.5! Should be a little easier for you, since he has an older sibling.) Brittani Fryman


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