Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Happenings

The kiddies and I have been spending the last few days getting ready for Valentines' Day.  I love all the crafts and projects we can do for this holiday.  And speaking of Valentines', I received another Valentine swap package in the mail yesterday.  Apparently the blogger I sent a package to wanted to send me a package too.  And here's my loot!
Heather of A Day with Jake was so sweet and sent little bundles of goodies for all the kiddies too.  They were thrilled with their character socks, boxes of chocolate, and fun pencils!  Their mommy was even more thrilled to see all the body lotions and chocolate! included in the package.  She even sent me a Choxie Creme Brulee bar (to die for!) and a bag of Lindt truffles.  I absolutely adore Lindt chocolate!  (so guess who's been working out longer so that she can partake of some of these goodies?!)  Please go check out Heather's blog here - she's a great gal!
And this cutest-little-guy-on-all-the-earth is now attempting to sit up on his own!  While we were busy cutting and gluing paper, Michael was having some fun with his silly giraffe toy. (until he would fall over and cry to be repositioned again).  Sniff - I can't believe he's going to be six months old on Valentines' day!  He's growing up way too fast!
The kiddies worked really hard on their Valentines for Daddy.  I think they did a great job!  You can find out how to make these pipe-cleaner valentines as well as the groovy collage hearts below at my craft blog, The Scrappy Frog.

And now I've got dozens of mini-cupcakes to bake for the weekend as well as several other projects.  Don't worry, Sara, your artwork is almost finished and will be shipped out to you tomorrow.  


  1. Oh, Jeanette! Don't worry about ME! My goodness! :) BTW, every time one of my kids turned 6 months old, I had a minor melt down. 6 months is SO hard for me to deal with for some reason. Tabitha turning a year in April is going to be REALLY hard, though. Little stinkers.

  2. I love both the pipe cleaner valentines and the groovy collage hearts. I think I may try those today....I'm feeling crafty!
    Thanks, Jeanette, for all the wonderful ideas!


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