Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tackle-It Tuesday - craft corner

For months I have had all my craft stuff in random boxes and baskets, stashed away in any corner or closet they would fit into.  I just didn't have one space dedicated to all my crafting things.  WIth starting my own etsy shop, I knew I had to have a place for all the drawing and painting and such.
So, I tackled a corner in our large bedroom.  We have a long built-in desk on one wall, and I put up another table next to it in that corner. Here are a few pictures of all my arts and crafts supplies in disarray:

With three small children, it was hard to find the time to devote to this project;  I ended up doing it over the course of the week.  Pictured below is the finished table.  This is to be used mainly for painting projects but can also be used for scrapbooking and such.  
The pastel boxes are labeled and contain felt, ribbons, stamps, embellishments, pipe cleaners, glue, stickers, stencils, etc.  The blue tray holds all of my acrylic paints, and the paint can holds my glue guns and scissors.  The shelf above is full of little bits of inspirations - two antique glass jars filled with various beads, fabric flowers, old buttons, and crafty objects; candles; a framed poem from my man; and a glass mug filled with all my paintbrushes.  I also put up my logo artwork for The Framed Frog.
On the built in desk, I organized my scrapping paper, paper cutter, and other scrapbooking necessities.  The floral portfolio holds all my chalk pastels.  The shelf above is full of photos, scrapbook pages, and drawing supplies.  All other craft supplies (yarn, sewing things, etc) are stored underneath the table.

I am glad to have finally got that done!  I love my little nook and want to start getting creative right now! :)
One other tackle achieved this past week was designing my etsy shop banner and etsy shop button.  I did all the art work, and my wonderful husband stayed up late to get it all translated to computer land. :)  Check it out and tell me what you think!

and more tackles are here at 5 Minutes for Mom. . . 


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Great tackle! Everything looks so organized now.

  2. wow your etsy shop looks totally professional. What a hubby! And that felt cake? Awesome!


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